Top 5 Reasons to Detox

It’s time to detox with My Wellness Solutions! 

Are you ready to rock the new year? Feeling the weight of modern living? You’re not alone. Many of our clients come to us, seeking refuge from the constant barrage of toxins, chemicals, and unhealthy habits. It’s easy to underestimate the toll our lifestyle takes on our health. But, at My Wellness Solutions in Harlem, we understand the profound impact of detoxification. Here’s why we, and many of our valued clients, champion detoxing as their first step to wellness:

F.L.C. Syndrome (Feel Like Crap)

When our body is overloaded with chemicals and toxins from a crappy diet, we start to feel like crap. Processed, packaged foods are loaded with preservatives, colorants and other chemicals to extend shelf life and maintain texture and taste for extended periods of time. Our bodies are not designed to process these chemicals 365 days a year. Our body does what it can to keep us functioning at full capacity. But, what happens when one organ becomes tired or congested? Other parts of our body pick up the slack and the domino effect begins leading to F.L.C. syndrome. 

Sugar Cravings

A sugar craving is one food addiction we, and many of our clients, struggle with. When you crave sweets and even bread, rice or pasta every day, consider yourself a sugar addict. Here’s the bottom line: if you want to take complete control of your health, you need to control your sugar intake. There is no magic advice here. All it takes is dedication, a burning desire to change and some serious self-control.

We know, we know, you “can’t” function without those sweet snacks. It’s a real addiction. A study performed on lab rats found that Oreo cookies were just as enticing as cocaine due to the similar “feel good” hormones it produces in your brain (we can’t make this stuff up if we tried. Go on, Google it!). Now we ask you, if you know it’s a real addiction, why are you not doing everything you can to kick that habit?

The good news: sugar cravings are completely natural. They are how your body tells you to give it some energy. It’s up to you to feed those cravings with natural sugars as much as possible. That’s where detoxing comes in. You will learn to focus on a diet that is rich in naturally sweet foods to avoid cravings, find sustained energy, and avoid the highs and lows you feel when you swing from processed, refined food to processed, refined food.

Weight Loss

Think about this…fat cells do many things inside our bodies, including cushioning our organs and keeping us warm. They also trap and store toxicity, lots of it. The greater the amount of fat cells you’re carrying around, the more toxicity you’re holding on to. Detoxing the body means giving your body the best chance for weight loss. When your body doesn’t have to waste energy figuring out what to do with the chemicals from processed food, it can tackle weight loss more effortlessly.

Digestive Problems

From constipation, to bloating and acid reflux. Living with just one of these symptoms, day after day, not only leaves you feeling uncomfortable, but slowly stresses your internal organs. Constipation for example, increases the toxic load of the colon. Once it becomes too much for the colon to deal with, the liver, kidneys and even lungs (yes, that foul breath is from constipation) get involved to help dilute the toxic load of the body.

Chronic Skin Issues

Most of us obsess over what we see in the mirror. What we tend to forget is that the moment we see something off with our skin, weeks and months of inner turmoil have already passed. The skin is considered the largest organ of the body and a key detoxifying organ at that. Cleansing the body internally means less acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin issues externally.

It’s time to book a complimentary consultation with us at My Wellness Solutions in person at our Harlem Center. Let’s embark on this journey together and discover the solutions that work best for you. 

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