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Our Sculpt’d treatment now offers a quick and effortless option for fat reduction and muscle building. Different from past treatments that only burn fat this treatment is also building muscle helping to keep you firm and giving you results weeks after treatments.


This 30-minute treatment uses HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy) to trigger muscle contractions-20,000 every 30 minutes to “super target” and build muscle even faster. Extreme stress forces the muscle to adapt, resulting in an increase in the number and growth of muscle fibers and cells. These Intensities are not achievable during a voluntary workout.

Build Muscle and Tone these Eligible Areas:





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Average Reduction in Diastasis Recti
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Average Increase in Muscle Mass
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good candidate?

This is an ideal treatment for both men and women who live a healthy lifestyle but desire a more defined abdomen, a stronger core, a reduction in the lower belly pouch, toned thighs, tighter arms, or a fuller, rounder butt. The revolutionary treatment gives patients real muscle definition and thins out the layer of fat above, allowing patients to achieve fitness goals that remain out of reach. Sculpt’d is also an effective treatment for post-partum diastasis recti. Patients who are pregnant, have had hernia mesh repair, have metal hardware in the treatment area, or metal IUDs should not be treated.

Each treatment is 30 minutes and is completely painless. Most patients say it feels like an intense workout, except you’re laying down and relaxing during the treatment. There is absolutely no downtime.

We recommend a minimum of 4 sessions within a 2-week period. You can do up to 8 sessions within an 8 week period.


You can begin to feel tangible results right a couple of days after each treatment. Results start to become more drastic two to four weeks after the last session and optimal results come in at 12 weeks after your last session.

Based on a comprehensive consultation and extensive lab work, we will determine candidacy through the BioTE method. Clients will schedule a quick follow-up appointment to review their results and for pellet therapy insertion.

The first step is to schedule your blood draw here.

Our Cavitation treatment is a perfect add-on for someone who is working on toning their abdomen. This treatment will continue to help you break down fat while also tightening your skin and accentuating your curves.

Our Butt Lift treatment is the perfect add-on for someone who working to lift and tone their buttocks. This treatment can help to lift existing fat cells to provide a lifting effect and smooth out cellulite.

Our Cellulite Removal statement is the perfect add-on for someone who is working to tighten and smooth out their thighs. If you want to eliminate stubborn cellulite this will help to further break down fat cells and drain your lymphatic system while you’re building muscle.


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