Cellulite Removal

Cellulite occurs when the skin overlying certain areas of fat is pulled downward to the deeper tissues by connective tissue bands. The collagen fibers between the skin and muscle separate the underlying fat into multiple pockets. Cellulite can become more visible as you age and your skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity. This exposes the rippled connective tissues underneath. This creates an uneven surface.

Cellulite may be caused by:

  • Hormones
  • Poor diet
  • An unhealthy lifestyle
  • Accumulated toxins
  • Genetics
  • Weight gain
  • Inactivity
  • Pregnancy

Why does our treatment work?

What makes our cellulite treatment work is that we combine multiple different technologies and techniques in order to target the stubborn fat cells that cause the appearance of cellulite. Most importantly, our trained staff is always looking to eliminate the cause of the problem making sure to eliminate existing toxicity in the body and recommend any additional lifestyle changes or services which will help with it. For best results multiple consistent sessions are always recommended.

Multi-Step Process

Step  1 – Exfoliation with Coffee Scrub

One of the benefit of a coffee scrub is the natural exfoliating effects from the coffee grounds themselves. It can help remove dead skin cells and yield a smoother, more even look to the skin. Caffeine in coffee helps dilate blood vessels and reduce the appearance of skin dimples. It also tightens from the stimulating effects of caffeine by improving blood flow and eliminating excess water.

Step  2 – Cavitation

Cavitation uses ultrasound waves to disrupt fat cell. Fat cells agains the skin is what causes the look of fat cells so breaking them down with cavitation is a vital part of our cellulite treatments.

Step  3 – Radiofrequency

By using RF energy to heat deposits of fat under the skin, tissues are also tightened and blood circulation is increased which in time helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Step  4 – Slimming Massage

At the end of the treatment it is vital to perform a slimming massage to encourage the draining of the fat cells that were targeted throughout the treatment. This massage will help you drain the fat through your urinary system. A lot of water intake is recommended in order to help with this process.

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