Post Colonic Tips

We hope you’re feeling ‘lighter’ after your colonic session at My Wellness Solutions.

We want to help you maintain this feeling and have included additional tips for you to follow after your colonic. If you haven’t scheduled your follow-up session, please do so quickly – consistency is key while cleansing! 2-3 sessions within 6 weeks are recommended for you to receive the full benefits of Colonics.

Here's Our Suggestions

  • Avoid raw whole foods, salads, vegetables, or fruits.
  • Increase your fiber intake in the form of green smoothies.
  • Continue taking a broad-spectrum probiotic to replenish gut bacteria
  • Drink plenty of water! The general rule is half your body weight in ounces.
  • Drink a vegetable juice or smoothie to help replenish vitamins and minerals
  • Substitute cow milk with almond milk or oat milk

Unsure what to eat? Here’s what today’s meal can contain: Steamed or sautéed, non-gassy vegetables with salmon, grilled chicken, or quinoa.

If you’re feeling weak or tired after your session, pick up electrolyte water like coconut water or Gatorade (if you can’t find coconut water) to help rehydrate your body. Do this ASAP.


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