Body Therapies

Our body treatments have one goal in mind – restore. These treatments are formulated to eliminate toxicity and reset your body. Our expert team can recommend a course of treatments that will help you reach your goals and help you feel brand new again.

Holistic Wellness Exam

A health checkup that goes beyond your typical annual physical. Our assessment delves deep into your overall health, addressing over 40 biomarkers that measure the vitality of your heart, thyroid, immune system, hormones, brain, metabolism, bones, and skin.

Food Sensitivity Testing

If you have tried everything to reach your health goals and nothing ever works then the MRT Food Sensitivity is perfect for you. Some of the healthiest foods could be causing YOU inflammation, stopping your results from happening.


The perfect first step in your journey to reach you health goals. Filtered water is introduced into the colon to soften waste resulting in evacuation through natural intestinal movement. This leaves you immediately feeling better and lighter. Plus, the elimination of toxins can kickstart your health goals such as weight loss, skin revision, fertility and much more!

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