Hormone Therapy

Learn how BioTE Medical can help revitalize your life through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.
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Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities play a role in many chronic health conditions like digestive problems, migraines, fatigue, and joint pain.
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Managing PCOS

Whether you were diagnosed a decade ago or recently, this is the place you learn to love your periods again.
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Our most comprehensive and clinically studied detox!

Transform Detox Program

Do you suffer from unexplained migraines, constant bloating, poor digestion, uncontrolled sugar cravings, constipation, inflammation, low energy, sore joints, allergies, recurring infections, or a general feeling of toxicity that doctors cannot seem to “figure out”?


Our most popular wellness services


The first step in your journey to health. Filtered water is introduced into the colon to soften waste resulting in evacuation through natural intestinal movement.

Weight Management

Weight is influenced by factors including the environment, family history, genes, metabolism, habits, and more. Get started on your journey today!


We offer a variety of nonsurgical fat reduction procedures that reduce or remove stubborn pockets of fat to contour and shape different areas of the body.

IV Therapy

Nutrients delivered intravenously (or via an IV), can be used instantly by the body because they are not lost during the digestive process.

Post Surgery

After surgery the lymphatic pathways will be very different. It is crucial to receive proper post-op care to ensure you achieve the best results.

Hormone Health

Experience renewed energy, improved mood & increased sex drive with Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Laser Hair Removal

Eliminate unwanted hair and reduce bumps on skin & ingrown hair, leaving you with baby soft skin to the touch.

Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme Therapy is designed to restore the health and natural function of your skin, enabling it to perform just as it did when you were younger.