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At My Wellness Solutions, we understand the intimate connection between your digestive health and overall well-being. Our colonic therapies are more than just a procedure; they are a step towards a rejuvenated self, where your body’s needs are met with care & understanding. So that you can live a symptom free life. 

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Colon Hydrotherapy

Holistic Healing Through Colonics

Colon hydrotherapy is a time-honored practice that gently flushes the colon with warm, filtered water. It’s a nurturing process that aids in the elimination of toxins, promoting your body’s natural healing abilities. 

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Benefits of Colonics

As Reported by Thousands of Satisfied Clients Over 14 Years at our NYC Centers! Not sure you need a detox? Read the 5 Reasons you should detox today!


Gently and effectively removes impacted waste from the colon

Gas & Bloating

Get relief from symptoms including bloating and gas

Gas & Bloating

Get relief from symptoms including bloating and gas

Better Digestion

Improve your bowel movements and finally absorb the nutrients from healthy foods.

Improved Sleep

After receiving colonics clients experience more peaceful and undisturbed sleep

Increased Energy

Clients also report feeling mentally clear and with more energy

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Begin Your Wellness Journey in Three Simple Steps


Your Health Blueprint

Embark on a path of self-discovery with a Wellness Exam. Understand your body’s specific needs as we delve into your individualized bloodwork, health goals and current symptoms. This step ensures that your journey is tailored to you, recognizing your unique cultural background and lifestyle.


Detox and Balance

Experience transformation with our detox services, including colon irrigation, food sensitivity testing, lymphatic drainages and hormone balancing, designed to cleanse and restore your body. Within two weeks, our clients witness a remarkable reduction in symptoms, paving the way for sustained health and vitality.


Sustain and Thrive

With a foundation of a cleansed and balanced body, we guide you in maintaining your wellness. Through nutrition support, quality supplements, and continuous personal care, we help you stay committed to a life of health that resonates with who you are.

Colon Hydrotherapy FAQ

What are the benefits of colonics?

Although limited medical research is available, our client testimonials include benefits to weight loss, allergies, chronic pain, headaches, gas, bloating and specially improvements for constipation with more regular bowel movements reported. Most clients report a general sense of well being and an “empty” feeling in the abdominal area after their session is over. 

*Individual results may vary.

A session is a comfortable experience for most people. A therapist is available to explain the process and ensure you are comfortable. If discomfort is experienced, the session can be stopped at any time.

A disposable nozzle is inserted into the rectum and warm, purified water is introduced to stimulate natural bowel movements. The session is not painful, messy, or smelly.

The session can last anywhere from 20-45 minutes depending on how the client feels. Sometimes it’s necessary to disconnect the client and send them to the bathroom to finish the session. This is determined by the therapist.

At the end of the session, you have time to empty any remaining water, etc. in the bathroom. This way, once you feel “finished”, you can carry on your day as usual without accidents.

We use FDA registered colonic equipment at both our locations and have a open colonic machine and a closed colonic machine. We maintain the highest levels of sanitation and disinfection of our colonic rooms, colonic machines and our centers in general. My Wellness Solutions uses disposable colonic nozzles and speculums during every session. We never reuse colonic nozzles or speculum as it is unsafe to do so.

We offer the LIBBE open system colonic machine at our centers. This system uses a small, disposable nozzle to introduce water to the colon. The client is laying on their back the entire time. It’s possible to see what the client is releasing through a view tube. The therapist is available to help the client get set up and during the session but can give the client privacy if they desire. This system fills the colon through gravity and so once the colon is full, the water stops until the client has a release.

This system, like the closed colonic system achieves the same results of hydrating the colon to help remove compared waste. The open system is ideal for chronic constipation and when there is a lot of bulk. The view tube is large enough for large amounts of waste to pass.

We offer the Aquanet and Dotolo closed system colonic machines at our centers. This system uses a disposable nozzle to introduce water to the colon. The client begins by laying on their side and may be turned on their back during the session. It’s possible to see what the client is releasing through a view tube. The therapist is controlling the water pressure during the session.

This system achieves the same results of the open colonic system hydrating the colon to help remove compared waste. During certain times, the client has to go to the bathroom to release and can then come back on the table. This is determined by the therapist.

Yes. The colonic takes EVERYTHING out – the bad bacteria, any waste, good bacteria, etc. We replace good bacteria by giving our clients probiotics (good bacteria) after the session and encouraging them to continue probiotics as a permanent staple in their life because of all the benefits they offer.

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