Birth Control Detox Workshop

Birth Control Detox Workshop


During this workshop you will learn how to:

•Recognize the hidden, longterm side effects of birth control

•What to do before getting off various forms of birth control

•The steps to take 1-6 months after getting off birth control

•The symptoms you may experience and how to solve them

•How to use Fertility Awareness Method as a form of natural birth control

•The diet, supplements, and lifestyle needed to maintain regular, painless periods

This workshop is an opportunity to become empowered to make an informed decision in regards to what you decide to put in your body! You will always have this tool to look back to! All instructions will be received via email after you purchase your ticket.


Birth control is something that many women assume is an unquestioned next step in adulthood. The belief is that something that is so widely offered and consumed MUST be good for us. That when doctors are recommending it they are doing so in order to help you, right? Well not really…

Birth control options usually contain a combination of synthetic estrogen and progesterone. They come in higher than normal doses than what our body would normally produce. These hormones wreck serious havoc on our body. In our bodies they are changing our levels of sodium and nitrogen retention, decreasing access to certain amino acids etc. This is why when women start synthetic birth control, they can experience weight gain, mood changes, missed periods, breast tenderness, migraines and nausea.

For many women their doctors simply tell them: “take birth control, it will regulate your period or stop your breakouts or offer relief for endometriosis.” The truth is, no synthetic hormone can’t “regulate” what your body is meant to do on its own. Using birth control in order to cope with symptoms such as these is MASKING your symptoms not HEALING them. If more doctors stopped to investigate what was behind the irregular or painful period, you’d at least have an answer that you can then work to heal!


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