BioTE Arterosil

BioTE Arterosil



  • Promotes a healthy heart,
  • Supports normal circulation,
  • Helps maintain blood pressure in normal range
  • Helps maintain the artery wall’s protective barrier.*
  • It also helps support healthy, youthful appearance of the skin.*
  • In men, Arterosil HP helps support normal erectile function.*


Our arteries and veins have a protective “non-stick” lining called the endothelial glycocalyx. It prevents cholesterol and other particles from adhering to or penetrating the endothelial wall. It is a delicate structure that can be damaged under many conditions, such as high blood glucose, oxidative stress, and inflammation.

Arterosil HP contains specialized sulfated polysaccharides derived from a rare seaweed. Daily use of Arterosil HP helps deliver the building blocks necessary to support this natural protective lining.*


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