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Our obsession with quality goes beyond our ingredients.
When it comes to quality we don’t guess,
because your health deserves nothing less.

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    • Vegan Certified
    • Provides 20 grams of vegetable protein per serving to help build and maintain lean muscle mass
    • Protein has also been shown to increase satiety and may promote weight loss when combined with exercise and a healthy diet
    • Provides 21 vitamins and minerals
    • Is free from these common allergens:dairy, lactose and gluten
    • Offers a balanced amino acid profile
  • Benefits:

    • Provides nutrient-dense plants, fruits and herbs for health and energy.
    • Provides 80% of the Daily Value for 16 essential vitamins and minerals
    • Contains whole, green foods, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, nutritive herbs and more
    • Provides 13 g vegetable protein per serving.
    • Is vegan and free from these common allergens:dairy, lactose and gluten
  • Benefits:

    • Provides 15 grams of protein plus essential amino acids.
    • May be used as a snack or healthy meal substitute.
    • Contains non-GMO soy protein.
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