Virtual Products

  • Through this workshop you will learn:
    What has the most impact on WHY, HOW and WHEN you eat
    Why diets do not work, ever
    What you need to do to reach your ideal weight
    Receive complimentary blood draw to help you determine your next weight loss steps

  • Learn how toxin overload is linked to weight gain, infertility, hormone disruption and much more! Receive complimentary meal plans!

  • During this workshop you will learn how to:

    •Recognize the hidden, longterm side effects of birth control

    •What to do before getting off various forms of birth control

    •The steps to take 1-6 months after getting off birth control

    •The symptoms you may experience and how to solve them

    •How to use Fertility Awareness Method as a form of natural birth control

    •The diet, supplements, and lifestyle needed to maintain regular, painless periods

    This workshop is an opportunity to become empowered to make an informed decision in regards to what you decide to put in your body! You will always have this tool to look back to! All instructions will be received via email after you purchase your ticket.

  • The following topics that will be discussed are:

    – Why we get PCOS
    – Understanding your PCOS type
    – What your doctor doesn’t tell you
    – Lifestyle changes to heal PCOS

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