May 24, 2023

Dear Valued Clients, 

Today, we want to address an unfortunate incident that has impacted our system and led to the deletion of a significant portion of the information stored in your profile. We understand the concern this may raise, and we want to assure you that your data has NOT been compromised or stolen. Instead, it was unintentionally deleted due to unforeseen circumstances.

We deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause and want to emphasize that the safety and security of your data remain our utmost priority. We have implemented stringent measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future and are working diligently to restore the affected information to the best of our abilities.

As a result of this incident, we want to ask your assistance in rebooking any appointments that were previously scheduled, complete new intake forms and update your card on file for your membership. We understand the importance of these appointments in your wellness journey and want to ensure you receive the exceptional care you deserve. We sincerely apologize for any disruption caused and want to thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

To facilitate the rebooking process, you can use the My Wellness Solutions app to rebook and fill out your intake forms. Please note that you will need to log out of the app, and log back in so that you can see your updated information. We are still working on adding your programs, memberships and previous services. We believe that by utilizing the App, we can collectively overcome this setback and continue providing you with a seamless and personalized wellness experience.

We want to reassure you that our dedicated team is actively working to recover the deleted data. While we cannot guarantee full restoration, we are committed to doing everything within our power to mitigate the impact of this incident and restore normal operations as soon as possible. We deeply value your trust and confidence in our services, and we will continue to prioritize the security and privacy of your data moving forward.

Should you require any assistance or have any questions regarding the rebooking process, our caring customer support team is ready to assist you. You can reach them by phone at 212-882-1154, via text/chat at 646-798-7405 or via email at [email protected]. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we navigate through this situation together.

We genuinely apologize for any inconvenience caused and want to express our gratitude for your ongoing support and loyalty. We remain fully committed to providing you with exceptional service and experiences, and we appreciate the opportunity to continue serving you on your wellness journey.

Thank you for your understanding and trust. We look forward to assisting you in rebooking your appointments and providing you with the care you deserve.


In Good Health, 

Indhira Santana 

Founder, My Wellness Solutions